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My Kobe Year

Can You Remember Your " Kobe" Year of Life?

Hey guys!! My name is Alexis Hodges and I am the creator of Natural State of Mind. NSM was created and developed at the start of my "Kobe" year of life, so it was only right my first blog is dedicated to Kobe Bryant!

“We have to live out our dreams with no hesitations! It's not a choice, it's an OBLIGATION!”

Do you know how it feels to be only person in your family that has never a sport?

From, grandparents, parents, sibling and aunts and uncles. Of course I understood the concept of wanting to be as strong and driven as Kobe, but I honestly could not relate. It wasn't until May 2007 that I finally came face to face with a sport that not one person in my family had ever experienced.

A month before my 12th birthday I was diagnosed with an inflammatory bowel disease called Crohn's, at that moment I finally understood the 'Kobe effect."

Let's fast forward, I have been winning this game with Crohn's Disease for almost eleven years now,but unfortunately I have lost my strength. Two months before the start of my "Kobe Year" I am sitting in the hospital, it is day twelve of my stay and I have just woken from having bowel resection surgery. It is a forever game in Crohn's Disease.

June 10, 2019 it is the start of my "Kobe Year", what am I going do take back my strength that Crohn's Disease took from me.

My mom asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I said " just buy me a journal so I can write everything I have been feeling over the last year." I took that journal and wrote every dream, passion and goal I had for my future business.

June 17,2019 I birthed Natural State of Mind, a brand that stands for creating skincare essentials in the most organic state of physiology while providing an awareness of proper absorption.

My name is Alexis Hodges and I encourage you to find your

"Kobe Strength."

Thank you for reading my first blog post!! Please go follow @natural.stateofmind on Instagram!!

Until next time, peace and love!!!

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