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Privacy Policy

Personal information will be processed directly by Natural State of Mind. Personal information will be processed by persons in charge of the processing for the purposes for which You have given Your personal data and to carry out the operations connected with the services required in each section of the Website. In particular, these persons will record, organize, keep, elaborate, modify, select, and use or delete personal data to carry out the operations necessary to perform an order (payment, packing, forwarding, refund, return of goods), and of You have given Your consent, to send commercial offers and advertising messages.

In the context of this Website, the processing of personal information will be performed by Natural State of Mind and will be carried out using both paper and electronic tools.

Natural State of Mind is committed to ensuring that Your personal information is secure and kept confidential. The following procedures are in place for Natural State of Mind and other third party processors to ensure the security of Your personal information:

  • Administrative, technical, and physical safeguards are used to avoid unauthorized disclosure, use, alteration and destruction of personal information.

  • Access to personal information is only provided to representatives, associates, employees, and third parties on a need to know basis.

  • All people employed by Natural State of Mind receive special training regarding privacy protection and confidentiality.

  • All computers which store personal information are password-protected.

With respect to the processing of personal data, You will be entitled to do the following, either from the controller or from the processor:

  • obtain a confirmation as to whether or not personal information relating to You has been collected, and whether such information is being used and/or disclosed to third parties;

  • request the deletion of (i) Your personal information which was collected, used or disclosed unlawfully, and (ii) personal information which was been collected but that is no longer necessary for the purposes it was collected;

  • request updating, rectification or, where applicable, completion of Your personal information; and

  • request a statement confirming that the operations requested above were performed.

Natural State of Mind will disclose breaches of Your personal information as required by provincial and federal law in the United States of America.


Natural State of Mind will retain personal information as long as it is necessary for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy and as required by law, after which time, the information will be deleted and destroyed.

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