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Learn About NSM

Hello! My name is Alexis Hodges and I am an organic biochemist from St. Louis, MO. I received my Bachelor of Science in Biology from Agricultural and Mechanical University in 2017. 

When I hear the words "Natural State of Mind", it brings me back to the times when I spent my summers attending cooking and science classes at Florissant Valley College. Who knew fifteen years later, my essence would take me back to my natural state of mind.


Natural State of Mind stands for creating products in the most organic state of physiology while promoting an awareness of proper absorption. I specialize in creating

all-natural skin care products that are targeted to improve the overall appearance of the skin by incorporating "superfood" ingredients that not only heal consumers externally, but internally as well. My products will target consumers with extremely dry and damaged skin,. as well as improving the appearance of skin that have developed stretch marks, reduce the overproduction of pigment and help with the relieving of overactive hormones.

For wholesale inquiries contact us via our contact form or directly via email.
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